1. My life was just a tangled knot, all twisted out of shape
    From cares and problems, till I knew I needed to escape.
I brooded, and I searched and thought, then plann’d so carefully
    A brilliant solution, that with God’s help, I’d be free.

2. The plan was mine, but with God’s help I felt I would be bless’d;
    And so I was my saviour still, and so I found no rest!
But then a new light from God’s Word shone in my darken’d mind;
    Another way appeared to me, which only God could find.

3. My Lord, I’m just a helpless child, forgive my unbelief;
    I give the problems all to You, in Your way, bring relief.
From deepest darkness, lead me forth by Your almighty hand;
    Alone You know the certain way, and on Your Word I stand.

4. Now I have deepest, deepest peace, and truest, truest rest;
    The Lord alone, my problems solves by His almightiness.
And now I see Him solve them all without my foolish help;
    The Lord is really Saviour now, He saves me from myself.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

MP3 – Congregation (from Australia)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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