1. Six thousand years has the battle raged,
    ‘Tween light and darkness on this Earth’s dim stage;
Six thousand years of grief and sorrow,
    But soon there comes a new tomorrow.

2. In all this time there were always those
    Who stood on God’s side and the wrong opposed;
They were His holy generation,
    Who held His law in veneration.

3. All men are born on the side of wrong,
    Without their choice they stand with Satan’s throng;
To break away requires a struggle:
    To give up sin, and join God’s people.

4. There is one truth by which men are saved,
    But many errors to keep them enslaved;
You need the truth which comes from God’s source;
    This year, this week, to take the good course.

5. Here is the truth to uplift mankind,
    When God together works with man to find
In ev’ry daily situation,
    The law of love: it’s application.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

MP3 – Congregation (from Germany)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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