1. Oh God, Your ways are higher far
    Than all the faulty ways of man;
Creator of sun, moon, and star,
    And Author of salvation’s plan.

2. We thought You were like heathen gods,
    Or like a childish potentate;
Who struck in anger or destroyed
    At will, the beings You create.

3. But you have taught us, now we know
    A God of love who changes not;
The laws You gave to men below
    Are all expressions of Your thought.

4. We shall not kill, because you don’t;
    We serve not a destroying god;
Your law is in our hearts, we won’t
    Destroy in word, or act, or thought.

5. It’s sin, and only sin, that kills;
    The wages that it pays are death;
But in Your Son, eternal life,
    For all His ways are righteousness.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

Actually this is just the tune from the original Genevan Psalm 134, which is usually sung to Psalm 100 (“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”) in English hymn books). The arrangement is from the Goudimel polyphonic harmonization.

I wrote the words to fit a series of studies we had on God’s character, which are written in the book, Behold Your God. Later on, we used another tune for these same words, which you can view here: Your Ways are Higher.

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