pp2300 on March 20th, 2012

1. Come, let us reason together with the Lord, with the Lord. Come, let us counsel together with the wise, with the wise.     But let us not trust to reason alone,     And let us not trust in self. We’ll give up our ways, and trust in God instead,     And in all His promises sure. 2. […]

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pp2300 on March 20th, 2012

1. Commit your way to God;     Trust wholly in the Lord, And He will save you from all harm     From those who draw the sword. Refrain Do not fret, do not fret–     It only causes harm and pain. Do not fret, but trust instead     And turn to God, your Father again. 2. Rest always in […]

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pp2300 on March 18th, 2012

1. He that has made his refuge God,     Shall find a most secure abode; Shall walk all day beneath His shade,     And there at night shall rest his head. 2. Then will I say, “My God, your pow’r     Shall be my fortress, and my tow’r; I that am formed of feeble dust     Make Your almighty […]

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pp2300 on March 12th, 2012

1. Faith is like a river, streaming life through us,     When we’re feeling troubled, pray to Jesus Christ. He is near to lift us far above earth’s strife,     When the world’s so downcast, think of Jesus Christ. 2. Faith is like a river, streaming life through us,     When the wars are fearsome, pray to Jesus […]

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pp2300 on January 10th, 2012

1. The Lord’s almighty power still protects us;     His faithfulness means we have nought to fear. “I long with all my heart to share your hours,     I want to walk with you throughout the year.” In spite of this, our hearts are still tormented,     These evil days oppress the burden’d soul; Oh give, to our […]

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pp2300 on July 27th, 2011

1. Though troubles assail, and dangers affright,     Though friends should all fail and foes all unite; Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide,     The scripture assures us, the Lord will provide. 2. The birds without barn or storehouse are fed,     From them let us learn to trust for our bread: His saints, what is fitting, […]

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pp2300 on July 26th, 2011

1. In You, oh Lord, I put my trust,     Let me never be ashamed; Deliver me in your righteousness,     For You are my strength. Refrain Oh how great is Your goodness,     Laid up for those who fear You, Prepared for those who trust in You,     Before the sons of men. 2. You are my Rock, […]

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pp2300 on July 25th, 2011

Holiness, holiness, holiness, holiness,     Holiness is not rapture: It is an entire surrender of the will to God; It is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; It is doing the will of our heavenly Father; It is trusting God in trial, in darkness as well as in the light; It […]

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pp2300 on July 24th, 2011

Fear not, for I am still with you:     Be not dismayed for I am your God! I’ll strengthen you; I’ll give you My aid; I’ll hold you up with the strong right hand of My righteousness.     Therefore do not fear!   – Isaiah 41:10 Playback Instrumental – Sampled Sounds Instrumental (alternate) – Sampled Sounds Virtual Singer […]

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pp2300 on July 26th, 2010

1. Trust in God, trust in God,     Trust in God and you’ll be saved. During times of trouble, deep distress,     Claim His promises, and believe His word. Repeat Refrain: He’s our Doctor, He’s our Problem Solver, He’s our Burden Bearer, He’s our Plan Maker; Trust in God and you’ll be saved. 2. Dear brother, dear […]

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