Second Advent

pp2300 on October 4th, 2014

1. It’s not by miracles and signs that Jesus comes again,     But by His character divine, engraved in heart and brain. Since He first came into our hearts,     This is the place where heaven starts, And when He comes to take us home,     It’s but the fruit which we have sown. Refrain: Christ in us, […]

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pp2300 on July 14th, 2012

1. When He cometh, when He cometh,     To make up His jewels, All His jewels, precious jewels,     His loved and His own. Refrain Like the stars of the morning,     His bright crown adorning, They shall shine in their beauty,     Bright gems for His crown. 2. He will gather, He will gather     The gems for His […]

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pp2300 on July 11th, 2012

1. Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Worthy, worthy is the Lamb. Worthy, worthy is the Lamb That was slain. Refrain Glory, hallelujah, Praise Him, hallelujah, Glory, hallelujah To the Lamb. 2. Saviour, let thy kingdom come! Now the man of sin consume— Bring Thy blest millennium, Holy Lamb. Refrain 3. Thus may we each moment […]

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pp2300 on July 9th, 2012

1. Long upon the mountains, weary,     Have the scatter’d flock been torn; Dark the desert paths, and dreary,     Grievous trials they have borne. 2. Now the gath’ring call is sounding,     Solemn in its warning voice; Union, faith and love abounding,     Bid the little flock rejoice. 3. Now the light of truth they’re seeking,     In its […]

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pp2300 on March 31st, 2012

1. We’re going to see the bleeding Lamb,     Now tell me, will you go? In rapt’rous strains to praise His name,     Now tell me, will you go? The crown of life we there shall wear,     The victor’s palms our hands shall bear, And all the joys of heav’n we’ll share,     Now tell me, will you […]

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pp2300 on March 21st, 2012

1. The situation coming soon upon this waning world,     Is just a circumstance that’s wrought because of sin’s strong hold. It’s not because God hates us for the sickness in our souls,     But sin itself, His enemy, cannot survive His love. 2. Our Jesus is returning soon, to take us to our home;     He does […]

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pp2300 on March 19th, 2012

1. Lo, He comes the Mighty Victor, seated on His glorious throne;     Jesus, our beloved Saviour, has returned to take us home. Holy angels ride forth with Him: splendid sight! A countless throng!     Heaven’s armies with their Captain, praise Him with triumphant song. 2. Once a painful crown, all thorny, pierced the Saviour’s sacred brow; […]

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pp2300 on March 18th, 2012

1. Star of our hope! Soon He’ll appear!     O, shout and sing hosanna. The last loud trumpet speaks Him near,     Hosanna! Sing hosanna! Refrain Eternal life! Eternal life!     We have it through our Saviour! Eternal life! Eternal life!     O, come and live forever. 2. Hail Him all saints from pole to pole,     And raise one […]

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pp2300 on March 18th, 2012

1. You will see your Lord coming, You will see your Lord coming, You will see your Lord coming     In a few more days; Refrain While a band of music, While a band of music, While a band of music     Shall be chanting through the air. 2. Gabriel sounds his great trumpet, Gabriel sounds his […]

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pp2300 on March 6th, 2012

1. Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:     Jesus is coming again! Cheer up, ye pilgrims, be joyful and sing:     Jesus is coming again! Refrain Coming again, coming again, Jesus is coming again! 2. Echo it, hilltops; proclaim it, ye plains:     Jesus is coming again! Coming in glory, the Lamb that was slain; […]

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