pp2300 on March 3rd, 2012

1. Oh God, Your ways are higher far     Than all the faulty ways of man; Creator of sun, moon, and star,     And Author of salvation’s plan. 2. We thought You were like heathen gods,     Or like a childish potentate; Who struck in anger or destroyed     At will, the beings You create. 3. But you have […]

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pp2300 on March 3rd, 2012

The Blessings of the Just 1. All they are bless’d, who truly fear     The Lord through all their days; Who always seek to persevere,     To walk in all His ways. For, of the labours of thy hands,     Thou shalt eat peacefully; It shall be well with thee, and thou     Shalt have prosperity. 2. And so […]

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pp2300 on March 3rd, 2012

God our Portion here and hereafter 1. ‘Tis true; Jehovah still is kind     To Israel, to the pure in mind. And yet my feet had well-nigh tripp’d,     And yet well-nigh my steps had slipp’d; For I was envious as I gazed,     At riches by ambition raised; And ponder’d with admiring eyes     The triumphs of the […]

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pp2300 on March 3rd, 2012

The happiness of true conversion 1. How blest is he whose errors are corrected,     Whose past mistakes are forgotten at last; From whom no hate or pride is e’er expected     For from his thought all evil has been cast. When I refus’d to say that I was straying,     Weakness and pain afflicted all my being; […]

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pp2300 on March 3rd, 2012

The Reign of the Lord’s Anointed 1. Why do the heathen rage in foolish pride?     And with their vain imaginings deride? The kings and rulers set themselves as one     Against the Lord, His church, and His Anointed Son. “Let us renounce that hated law,” they cry,     “Unfetter men, cast off the heav’nly tie.” But He […]

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pp2300 on March 2nd, 2012

Happiness is for the just only 1. How blest is he who does not loosely tread     With straying steps by his own planning led; Nor walks the ways of those who live to eat,     Nor mocks the gospel in the scorner’s seat. But on God’s law his heart and life do bind,     Which, night and […]

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