Where is Antioch, brother?
    “Ten miles on and on;
Ere you reach the city’s gates
    Sunlight will be gone.

“Ten miles of dust and a hot sun
    To lash your head and back.
The man who comes from Antioch
    Has found a better track.”

I wandered down the road
    Fearful of earth and sky;
It seemed as if the lagging fields
    Would never pass me by.

And then I asked a maid;
    “How far is Antioch, lass?”
She said, “Nine miles of clear, blue sky,
    And nine of waving grass;

“Nine miles to walk with wind
    Blown hither from the sea;
Nine miles to watch the red-plumed birds
    Flame in the dark-plumed tree.”

Oh, then the fields went by
    With swift and lovely feet;
And I was soon in Antioch
    And laughing down a street.

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