I have been at court:
    Witness the purple flowers,
Witness the royal blue
    That canopies my hours,
Witness the gold of light
    Wind-hammered to a crown,
Witness the parliament of stars
    Looking wisely down.

I have seen the king
    And I have talked with him;
Yea, I have seen the king
    And I have walked with him.
His steps are not unlike my own,
    His voice is in my cry.
I sit with him upon his throne
    And watch the world go by.

The king has knighted me
    And lifted me to earl.
In the plumed hat I wear
    A hundred daisies curl.
And whether knight or whether earl
    My titles all are given
With full approval of the hills
    And signature of heaven.

Come then to court with me;
    I will present you all.
There is no fee, my friend, no fee
    To any, great or small.
The king will grant what wish you crave;
    And happy will he be
If you should ask a marigold
    Or purple lilac tree.

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