This section is devoted to poems. The poems presented are from various poets, not necessarily of the Adventist tradition, but which present the same faith, or many of the same principles. Like some of the other sections of this website, it will probably grow with time.

I’m posting them here not just for those who enjoy poetry, but also for any song-writers who are looking for inspiring texts for which to compose music.

Edward Irving: Poems

Here are a few poems from Edward Irving’s commentary on the book of Revelation.

Early Adventist

Most of these poems come from early Adventist sources, or are on Adventist themes.

F.T. Wright

These poems were written by Fred Wright, the man whose ministry led to the formation of our church.

SRA Church

These poems were written by members of our church.

Wilson MacDonald

I have prepared a small section on the Canadian poet, Wilson MacDonald, whose principles and life have not been appreciated by Canadians, or perhaps who is almost unknown today.

Song of Solomon

Eventually I hope to also prepare some pages on poetry devoted to the “Song of Solomon”, as it is the great love song between Christ and His Church, and is also prophetic. But more of this in due time…