“Whoever will be a friend of the world
is the enemy of God.” James 4:4

Snake1. World, adieu! thou real cheat;
    Oft have thy deceitful charms
Fill’d my heart with fond conceit,
    Foolish hopes, and false alarms:
Now I see as clear as day
    How thy follies pass away.

2. Vain, thy entertaining sights,
    False thy promises renew’d,
All the pomp of thy delights
    Does but flatter and delude:
Thee I quit for Heaven above,
    Object of the noblest love.

3. Let not, Lord, my wand’ring mind
    Follow after fleeting toys;
Since in thee alone I find
    Solid and substantial joys;–
Joys that, never overpast,
    Through eternity shall last.

4. Lord, how happy is a heart,
    After thee while it aspires!
True and faithful as thou art,
    Thou wilt answer its desires;
It shall see the glorious scene
    Of thine everlasting reign.


MP3 (Download)

Song in the Night: not included in the last version
Author: Charles Wesley (translated from Mad. de Bourignon)
Composer: A. Forbush and Wm. Houser
Source: The Hesperian Harp, p. 360
Time: 2:03

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