“Lift up your heads, O ye gates;
and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors;
and the King of glory shall come in.” Psalm 24:7

Jesus Ascending1. While up to heav’n God goeth,
    In majesty from earth,
Its blast the trumpet bloweth,
    All jubilant with mirth;
Sing praise then, nothing loath,
    Sing praise and gratulation,
    The King of our salvation
Is Lord of Sabaoth.

2. To greet the Lord ascending,
    The wide heav’n laughs with glee;
And, on their King attending,
    The Saints, whom Christ set free,
Around their Saviour throng,
    With seraphs sweetly singing,
    And cherub voices ringing
The welcome of their song.

3. We know the way that leadeth
    To our exalted Head;
We know the path that speedeth
    To heav’n, where Christ hath sped:
Our Lord is gone before,
    He will not here forsake us,
    But to his home will take us,
And open wide the door.

4. We too the house will enter,
    The mansion of the Lord;
We too our hopes will centre
    Where lies our treasure stored:
Lift up your hearts each one,
    Where Christ hath onward hasten’d;
    On him your hopes be fasten’d;
To him your race be run.

5. Let us to heav’n go pressing,
    With mighty hearts yet meek;
Let us sing sweet our blessing–
    ‘Thee, Jesu Christ, we seek;
Thee, O thou Son of God,
    Who dost all might inherit;
    Thee, Crown of heart and spirit,
Thee, true and living Road.’

6. When will that morn break o’er us?
    When come the blessed time
That Christ will stand before us
    In lordliness sublime?
Thou day, O haste and cheer
    Our souls, the Saviour meeting,
    Our hearts, the Saviour greeting;
Sweet day of days, appear!


MP3 (Download)

Source: Songs of Syon (Rev. G.W. Woodward): #115
Author: G.W. Sacer (1635-1699), “Gott fahret auf gen Himmel” / Translated by W.J. Blew (1808-1894)
Composer: J. Magdeburg, Tischgesänge (1572), “Von Gott Will Ich Nicht Lassen”
Time: 2:26

This song is an English translation of an old German hymn. It does not come from early American sources, but I include it here because it was recorded at the same time.

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