“Why are You so far from helping me,
and from the words of my roaring.” Psalm 22:1

Broken Weapons1. Oh! that some kind one would tell me,
    Is this the road that Christians go?
Hark, and hear what has befell me,
    Now my heart is filled with woe.

2. Oft with darkness I’m surrounded,
    Peace nor comfort can I find;
If I hear the gospel sound, it
    Brings no comfort to my mind.

3. Oh! the sin, around me lurking,
    Often brings me very low;
Satan, busy with me working,
    Is this the road that Christians go?

4. If Christ Jesus, by his spirit,
    Took possession of my heart,
Could I not then plead his merit,
    Should I from his way depart?

5. But can this be all delusion,
    Which by turns I think I feel?
Who can tell the whole conclusion?
    To the Lord I must appeal.

6. But if bread of life’s been broken,
    And my heart renewed by grace,
Jesus, wilt thou as a token,
    Let me see thy smiling face?


MP3 (Download)

Song in the Night: page 26
Author: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Source: (Jeremiah Ingalls?)
Time: 2:57

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