“It is better to go to the house of mourning,
than to go to the house of feasting:
for that is the end of all men;
and the living will lay it to his heart.” Ecclesiastes 7:2

Night1. The day is past and gone,
    The evening shades appear;
O may we all remember well
    The night of death is near.

2. We lay our garments by,
    Upon our beds to rest;
So death will soon disrobe us all
    Of what we’ve here possessed.

3. Lord, keep us safe this night,
    Secure from all our fears;
May angels guard us while we sleep,
    Till morning light appears.

4. And when we early rise,
    And view the unwearied sun,
May we set out to win the prize,
    And after glory run.

5. And when our days are past,
    And we from time remove,
O may we in thy bosom rest,
    The bosom of thy love.


MP3 (Download)

Song in the Night: not included in last version
Author: John Leland, 1792
Composer: Stephen Jenks, 1805
Source: The Hesperian Harp, p. 199
Time: 0:57

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