Most of these recordings were made with friends, either at Sabbath meetings or yearly Camp meetings.

Bethany, Christian Travellers, Glorious Prospect, Saints Bound for Heaven, and The Turtle Dove, were recorded at a Washington DC Camp Meeting in 1989.

Sharon was recorded by Ramon and Zoraida Benitez, from Puerto Rico. I don’t know when it was recorded.

Probation, Security, The Wanderer, and Will You Go? were recorded at a North American Camp Meeting in 1992.

Dull Care, Final Hour, New Sabbath, Rejoice, Soft Music, Weeping Pilgrim, and World, Adieu were recorded on one Sabbath with some friends (and their children) in a small basement suite I was renting in Vancouver, BC, probably around 1988-1990. We handed out tambourines, bells, and cymbals to the children, and taught them to use those percussion instruments at the highlights (line endings, or special words). Guitar and the occasional Recorder were the only instruments used in the initial recording. Later on, I added some real and synthesized instruments. The recording and additional tracks were done on plain cassette recorders.

Evening Shade, The Family Bible, Piety, Promised Day, Solemn Darkness, The Enquirer, and While Up to Heav’n God Goeth were recorded by myself in the late 1980’s, using two cassette recorders to multi-track the various instruments and voices.

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