1. See the Lord of glory dying!
See Him gasping! Hear Him crying!
    See His burdened bosom heave!
Look ye sinners, ye that hung Him,
Look how deep your sins have stung Him!
    Dying sinners, look and live.

2. See the rocks and mountains shaking,
Earth unto her center quaking,
    Nature’s groans awake the dead;
Look on Phoebus, struck with wonder,
While the peals of legal thunder
    Smite the blest Redeemer’s head.

3. Heaven’s bright melodious legions,
Chanting to the tuneful regions,
    Cease to trill the quivering string;
Songs seraphic all suspended,
Till the mighty war is ended
    By the all-victorious King.

4. Hell, and all the powers infernal,
Vanquished by the King eternal,
    When He poured the vital flood;
By His groans which shook creation;
Lo! We sound the proclamation,
    “Peace and pardon through His blood!”

MP3 (Download)

Author: Unknown
Meter: 8s & 7s
Hesperian Harp: Page 309

Yamaha PSS480 Instrumentation: Three Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba, Cello, Harp, Krummhorn
Time: 2:42

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