1. God from his cloudy cistern pours
    On the parch’d earth enriching show’rs;
The grove, the garden, and the field,
    A thousand joyful blessings yield.

2. What noble fruit the vines produce!
    The olive yields a pleasing juice;
Our hearts are cheer’d with gen’rous wine,
    His gifts proclaim His love divine.

3. O bless His name, ye people, fed
    With nature’s chief supporter, bread:
While bread your vital strength imparts,
    Serve Him with vigour in your hearts.

MP3 (Download)

Author: Isaac Watts (Psalm 104:13,15)
Meter: LM
Hesperian Harp: Page 32,33

Yamaha PSS480 Instrumentation: Four Bass Racketts, 2 Harps, Chimes
Time: 2:46

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