1. Father, I long, I faint to see
    The place of Thine abode;
I’d leave these earthly courts, and flee
    Up to Thy courts, my God.
Here I behold Thy distant face,
    And ’tis a pleasing sight,
But to abide in Thine embrace
    Is infinite delight.

2. I’d part with all the joys of sense
    To gaze upon Thy throne;
Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence,
    Unspeakable, unknown.
There all the heavenly hosts are seen,
    In shining ranks they move,
And drink immortal vigour in,
    With wonder and with love.

MP3 (Download)

Author: Isaac Watts (seems to be based on Psalm 84 and Revelation 4 and 5)
Meter: CMD
Hesperian Harp: Page 67

Yamaha PSS480 Instrumentation: Electric Piano, “Lullaby” auto-accompaniment.
Time: 1:46

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