1. Angels in shining order stand
    Around the Saviour’s throne;
They bow with reverence at His feet
    And make His glories known.
Those happy spirits sing His praise
    To all eternity;
But I can sing redeeming grace
    For Jesus died for me.

2. His body broken, nailed, and torn,
    And stained with streams of blood,
His spotless soul was left forlorn,
    Forsaken of his God.
‘Twas then his Father gave the stroke
    That justice did decree;
All nature felt the dreadful shock,
    When Jesus died for me.

3. “Eli, lama sabachthani,”
    “My God! My God!” He cried;
“Why hast Thou thus forsaken me?”
    And thus my Savior died.
But why did God forsake His Son,
    When bleeding on the tree?
He died for sins, but not His own,
    For Jesus died for me.

4. He took His meritorious blood,
    And rose above the skies,
And in the presence of His God,
    Presents His sacrifice.
His intercession must prevail
    With such a glorious plea;
My cause can never, never fail,
    For Jesus died for me.

MP3 (Download)

Author: Southern Harmony, 1835
Meter: CMD
Hesperian Harp: Page 190,191

Yamaha PSS480 Instrumentation: Three Recorders, Piccolo, Cello, Glockenspiel
Time: 4:00

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