Instrumentation: Guitars, Recorders
Time: 1:23
Download: Music (mp3) | Score (png)

6. He is our Friend in the midst of temptation
    Faithful Supporter, whose love cannot fail;
Rock of our refuge and hope of salvation,
    Light to direct us thro’ Death’s gloomy vale.

7. Star of the morning, thy brightness declining,
    Shortly must fade when the Sun doth arise;
Beaming refulgent, his glory eternal,
    Shines on the children of love in the skies.

Note: only these two verses were listed in The Hesperian Harp, and were numbered as above.

Author: Bishop Reginald Heber (1783-1826)
Composer: Treble, Alto, and Bass by Wm. Hauser
Meter: 11s & 10s
Hesperian Harp: Page 307
Songbook of the Conquering Christian (forerunner to Song in the Night): Page 54

(without Nature Sounds)

Time: 1:18
Download: Music (mp3)

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