Instrumentation: Guitars, Recorders
Time: 2:10
Download: Music (mp3) | Score (png)

1. Not by the brazen trumpet’s voice,
    But the sweet skylark’s early lay,
Our tribes are summon’d to rejoice
    In God their Saviour on this day.
Then, in the temple of the Lord,
    Assembling round a throne of grace,
We sing, and pray, and hear the word,
    And see our glorious Maker’s face.

2. Salvation’s silver trumpet brings
    Heaven’s richest music to our ears;
Happy, whose heart with rapture springs
    At the first welcome note he hears.
He, where eternal Sabbath’s shine,
    Where all by God himself are taught,
Lessons shall learn of truth divine,
    Of pow’r and love, surpassing thought.

Author: James Montgomery (1771-1854)
Composer: Unknown (parts by Wm. Houser)
Meter: L.M.
Hesperian Harp: Page 4243
Songbook of the Conquering Christian (forerunner of Song in the Night): Page 94

(without Nature Sounds)

Time: 1:59
Download: Music (mp3)

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