Instrumentation: Guitar, Recorders (improvised harmony)
Time: 1:13
Download: Music (mp3) | Score (png)

1. Come friends and relations, let’s join hearts and hand,
    The voice of the turtle is heard in our land:
Come, let’s join together and follow the sound,
    And march to the place where redemption is found.

2. The place it is hidden, the place it is seal’d,
    The place it is hidden till it is reveal’d:
The place is in Jesus, to Jesus we’ll go,
    And there find redemption from sorrow and woe.

3. That place it is hidden by reason of sin;
    Alas! you can’t see the sad state you are in!
You’re blind and polluted, in prison and pain,
    O how can such rebels redemption obtain!

4. But if you are wounded and bruised by the fall,
    Then up, and be doing! for you he doth call;
And if you are tempted to doubt and despair,
    Then come home to Jesus, redemption is there.

5. And you, my dear brethren, that Love my dear Lord,
    Have witness for pardon, thro’ faith in his blood;
Let patience attend you wherever you go,
    Your Saviour has purchased redemption for you.

Author: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Meter: 11s
Hesperian Harp: Page 295
Song in the Night: Page 93 (Redemption Hymn)

(without Nature Sounds)

Time: 1:22
Download: Music (mp3)

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