Instrumentation: Recorders, Guitars, Glockenspiel
Time: 2:23
Download: Music (mp3) | Score (png)

Joyful Sound

O for a shout of sacred joy,
    To God the sov’reign king!
Let ev’ry land their tongues employ,
Let ev’ry land their tongues employ,
    And hymns of glory sing.

Author: Unknown
Composer: Shumway
Meter: C.M.
Hesperian Harp: Page 139


1. Far above yon glorious ceiling
    Of the azure-vaulted sky,
Jesus sits, His love revealing,
    To his splendid troops on high.
Hosts seraphic, humbly bowing,
    At his feet they prostrate fall,
Saints and angels all avowing,
    God in Christ is all in all.

2. Would we leave our foolish dreaming
    Of a fancied heav’n below,
See the Saviour’s glory beaming,
    How our souls would long to go!
Earth by us would then be spurned,
    All its vanities subside,
Fuel only to be burned,
    All its honors, pleasures, pride.

3. From the gen’ral conflagration,
    We should to God’s refuge fly;
Clasp the hope of our salvation,
    Live in Christ no more to die;
We in him our rest regaining,
    All its blessedness should prove,
O’er our foes victorious reigning,
    Perfected in spotless love.

Author: Unknown
Composer: Unknown (arranged by Wm. Houser)
Meter: 8s & 7s
Hesperian Harp: Page 190
Song in the Night: Page 68 (Heavenly View)

Joyful Sound (without Nature Sounds)

Time: 0:28
Download: Music (mp3)

Burnsville (without Nature Sounds)

Time: 2:05
Download: Music (mp3)

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