Joshua HimesThe Millennial Harp was used by the Second Advent movement, from 1842 to 1844. It was published by Joshua V. Himes. This particular edition was printed in 1843, and had an added section of hymns with music (Part II).

Two songs from the Millenial Harp found their way into our church hymnal. They can be viewed and heard here:

The website contains a number of other hymnals published by Joshua Himes, which can be downloaded or viewed from their site, or you can use the iframe view below.

The first hymnal is a slightly earlier version of the “Millenial Harp”, published in 1842:
1842 – Millenial Harp, or Second Advent Hymns

The next 3 hymnals are all versions of “The Advent Harp,” published after the Great Disappointment in 1844. Himes was a busy publisher still at that point, printing a stock of this hymnal every few years! Perhaps he was only printing them in smaller quantities and hence had to reprint whenever the stock ran out. What this indicates is that there was still an interest in the Second Advent themes, which lingered on after the disappointment.

1849 – The Advent Harp

1851 – The Advent Harp

1853 – The Advent Harp

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  1. Margaret Rennie says:

    Can I just print this off?

  2. pp2300 says:

    Yes, of course. You will have to download the PDF first.

    If it is the first Millenial Harp, then just click on the picture of the cover, then download.

    If it is one of the other ones hosted on, then click the blue-linked words in the upper left corner of the iframe. That will take you to the page on Then you can choose to download the book in PDF format, view it on your computer, and print from there.

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