1. The sure and certain Bethlehem is found when one is born again;
    Then in the crib of mortal flesh the promis’d Saviour comes afresh.
It’s not a play that eyes can see: He sends His seed to grow in thee;
    It’s not a selfish Christmas day, by faith you get His life to stay.

2. In your dry ground, a tender plant, rejected and despised by men,
    Comes in without the worldly bliss, He has no form, no comeliness.
He takes your sorrow and your sin, and fills your cup well o’er the brim
    With His eternal life and grace, and by His stripes He heals your case.

3. The devil challenges the world: “Can mortal man be just with God?
    And stand before his Maker pure?” To this we have an answer sure:
“Look, Jesus took our flesh and blood and lived a sinless, perfect life,
    To show the lost, deceived within, that ‘God with man’ will never sin.”

4. I pray God’s Word would give you faith to rise to such a Bethlehem:
    Wash’d in His blood, the past forgiv’n, and freed from Satan’s seed within.
Let’s be the manger of the Lamb, that crib of mortal flesh and blood,
    In which Christ’s perfect, sinless mind forever manifests its kind.


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