1. It is vanity to stay up when the working time is done;
    It is vanity to labor when God puts to rest the sun.
God commands us to be trustful, and to sleep within His arms;
    Then to labor without ceasing cannot help, but only harm.

2. When the work seems not completed, it’s a call to trust in God,
    And to ask Him to send workers to alleviate the load.
For God’s work is not dependent on the strength of man alone;
    When man’s weakness is apparent then the pow’r of God is shown.

3. When the work of day is finished and the shadows start to creep,
    Through the heavy eyes, God beckons for to give His loved ones sleep.
Blest all those who are submissive, and can leave the work with Him
    Who prepares a sweet refreshing for His children, laboring.

4. From the city’s constant business and the shops that never close,
    God would lead His weary people to a quieter repose.
For His yoke is always easy and His burden’s always light,
    As He labors with them daily and restores them ev’ry night.

– based on Psalm 127:1,2


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