Why Don't You Drink?1. Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging;
    Makes foolish talkers, senses deranging.
Driving true happiness into the ground;
    Far from the wineglass all wise men are found.

2. But in the Bible, standard of learning,
    Two wines are mentioned, for our discerning:
New wine is grape juice, press’d fresh from the vine;
    Sanctioned when Jesus turned water to wine.

3. Old wine’s fermented, bubbling, bursting;
    Jesus refused it, on the cross, thirsting.
Symbol of Babylon’s mixture, inflamed!
    Holy men hate it, and are not ashamed.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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The words for this anti-alcohol hymn are taken from the following scriptures: Proverbs 20:1; 23:29-32; Isaiah 65:8; Numbers 6:3; Matthew 27:34; John 2:1-10; Revelation 14:8; Psalm 119:104, 80. The Bible is not silent concerning this destroyer.

Alcohol is beyond a doubt the worst drug in the world, causing more death, grief, and waste than all other drugs combined. It turns the greatest men into the greatest fools. The only safe course for those who would be holy is to take a firm stand against this evil, and reject it altogether. Anything else simply paves the way of destruction for others to follow.

The tune for this song was drawn from Czechoslovakian and Russian folksongs.

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