1. Evil times had fully come,
    Moral darkness covered earth;
God’s Son came in mortal flesh,
    And partook of human birth.

2. So God came to dwell with men,
    To expose the many lies
That had marred His image bright,
    In men’s hearts and in men’s eyes.

3. And to justify God’s law
    As the way of righteousness;
Showing true obedience
    As the way of peace and rest.

4. And to form a holy seed
    In all willing hearts, made free
From old Adam’s selfish mind,
    To walk in love’s new decree.

5. And to pay sin’s horrid price,
    When alone, the press He trod;
Like a lamb He bowed His head;
    Died, to bring us back to God.


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There is much more to the incarnation of Jesus Christ as a human being than many suppose. This song outlines some of the main purposes achieved by this mighty condescension of God to meet fallen man:

  1. Jesus came at the darkest period of earth’s history, morally speaking. It was at this crisis time that He was to appear, as the Light of men. His words and works were to spread such an influence for the rest of earth’s future, that they would prevent the world from expiring until the unity and perfection of His church would be complete.
  2. Jesus came to expose Satan’s lies about God’s character. He presented a view of God that was exactly opposite to that which the enemy had circulated. Never before had holiness, righteousness, mercy, grace, and judgment appeared with such beauty and nobility.
  3. Jesus came to show how God’s law was to be kept. He was to “magnify the law, and make it honorable” (Isaiah 42:21). The traditions of the religious leaders in His time had made the law contemptible and a burden. He was to restore it as the “way of life” (Proverbs 6:23).
  4. Jesus came to form a new spiritual seed, to replace that which Adam had corrupted. He would become a new Father to the human race, to all who would accept His new life in place of their old.
  5. Jesus came to die for man’s sin. The price of sin is eternal death—complete separation from the Father. Jesus experienced that for us, so that we could be separated from sin and united to Him instead.

A more full development of this theme can be read here: Why Jesus Came.

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