1. I see the way the pioneers through history have trod,
    They sacrificed all for the cause, and gave their best to God.
How I admire those noble men: the martyrs, few and firm,
    But now I ask, as I look back, “What did I really learn?”
They had such great devotion, and I have to ask, “Do I?”
    Would I give up my cherished life, and for my Saviour die?
Am I as willing to give all, to be a sacrifice?
    Or would I rather have “my peace,” and keep “my way” of life?

2. I ask myself in light of them, what do I really give?
    And can I cling to earth yet say, “In heav’n I want to live?”
These sober questions I have now, the martyrs helped me see,
    How much will I now give to God? Indeed, how much of me?
Do I desire to bear the cross? Will I submit to die?
    Or tread in sorrow all my days to be like Jesus Christ?
Oh Lord, revive my sinking heart! Bring back the ancient ways!
    The spirit of the pioneers must live in these last days!


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Group – from Canadian Camp 2006

Instrumental – from Canadian Camp 2006

MP3 – Group (Canadian Camp 2006)
MP3 – Instrumental (Canadian Camp 2006)

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