1. In the beginning God set up a school:
    The classroom was Eden and love was the rule;
The students, at first, were a woman and man,
    And keeping the garden was part of the plan.
In working, they learned how God worked to make man;
    In serving, they learned how God first had served them;
In keeping the garden, they learn’d how God ruled;
    In resting, they learn’d to rely on His word.

2. All of these lessons of life were designed
    To form within mankind a pure, godly mind;
A mind that by habit would choose what was best,
    And love God supremely, and call His ways blest.
A tree was appointed, to show their love real;
    To prove that they never would covet, or steal.
But they were deceived by the serpent’s fair show,
    And on man descended the night of great woe.

3. Then Jesus came, as a man among men,
    To go through life’s schools, from beginning to end.
Though God’s only Son, yet He still was content
    To toil many years at the carpenter’s bench.
Then later when into the wilderness driv’n,
    He showed that obedience was more than provision.
And at the last test, when upon the cross hung,
    He prayed to His Father, “Let Your will be done.”

4. All of these schools of life still remain,
    To teach us, through hardship, to never complain.
If we will submit, though it seems for the worst,
    We’ll find e’en the ground “for our sake” has been cursed.
“All things work for good,” this by faith we are taught
    When we see His wounded hand guiding our lot.
Then come, schools of life, though your lessons be hard,
    With joy we embrace you, and follow our Lord.


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Jesus - Carpenter Boy

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