1. There are times in our life, when temptations and trials
    Press upon us with ominous gloom.
When the pathway ahead is so foggy and dim,
    And the signs all around point to doom.
When there’s nothing to stand on, and nothing to grasp,
    We will find that God’s promises hold
And the lower the standard, the thicker the fog,
    The brighter and clearer their gold!

The promises hold, the promises hold!
When dark the surroundings, how pure is their gold!
We have hold from above, we have hold from above!
Forever, the promises hold.

2. As we journey to heaven, the path ever narrows,
    And the harder it grows by the day.
But the bloodstains we see, show that others endured,
    And they pressed to the end of the way.
Though our faith seems so small when held up against theirs,
    We can rest in this promise so true
That our faith will expand when we read from His word,
    His promises will bear us through.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Choir – from Germany

Youth Choir – from Germany

Solo – from Australia

Congregation – sung in German

MP3 – Choir (from Germany)
MP3 – Youth Choir
MP3 – Solo
MP3 – Congregation (sung in German)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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