1. The anguished human spirit cries for rest, stability and peace;
    Deliverance from haunting fear and want, and blessed sweet release.
This is the yearning wish of ev’ry soul, yet, pressed on ev’ry hand
    By constant dread of want, disease, distress; grim loss of life, unplanned;
Disasters dreadful, costly, unannounced; and holocaust of war,
    The battered spirit sinks, dismayed, depressed, with heart to rise no more.

2. Is this God-planned, the only life assigned to pilgrims heaven bent?
    Must darkness, dank, unreal, forever cloud the way we have been sent?
The Lord bends low His answer to convey in tones of tend’rest love,
    While radiant light flows down and shines into the darkness, from above.
“Come, know My wondrous ways,” He gently pleads, “In boundless wisdom born;
    Such wisdom as you do not, cannot have to plan from dawn to dawn.”

3. “I am the Source, from Me you must receive the plans already laid;
    In awesome wisdom, infinite and grand, no equal can be made.
There are no problems unforeseen by Me, I know them ere they rise.
    Already I have fully solved them all, a fact you’ll truly prize.
When you have learned of My procedures right, and put your trust in Me
    As Problem Solver, Maker of your plans, and Guide across life’s sea.”

4. “My heart is grieved when, time and time again, I see men’s fondest dreams,
    Lie shattered, scattered, mutilated, torn, thru their disastrous schemes.
Turn from your works, your foolish, fumbling works, thru which you’ll find no peace;
    It’s in My paths and works that rest is found: eternal sweet release,
From failures, loss, impossibles, defeat, and dismal, dark despair.
    So come to Me you heavy laden ones, and dwell beneath My care.”


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Entering into God's Sabbath RestFred Wright (1925-1997) penned the words to this poem shortly after the message on God’s Sabbath Rest opened up to us.

In this message, we saw all through the Bible that whenever men turned to their own plans or solutions (even when they did this with the good intention of furthering God’s cause), disaster was the eventual result. But whenever they turned to the Almighty as their Problem Solver, Plan Maker, and Burden Bearer, unqualified success followed.

This is the principle behind the Sabbath day: to recognize God as the Source, and ourselves as dependent receivers; to sit at His feet and learn of Him and His mighty ability to solve all the problems that sin has introduced into this world, and into our lives.

The last spiritual battle which will be fought on this world, and will result in it’s ruin, will be over this principle. Man, in God’s place and acting in God’s name, will put himself forward as the problem solver for this world’s deep problems. In contrast to this, God will provide His solution through those who know His rest.

Those who want to stand on the side of right at that time, will need to learn by practical experience that God is their Problem Solver, in the struggles and trials of daily life. Please download and study the book shown above (by clicking on it), to understand this theme better.

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