1. It takes a humble man to stand before the King of kings;
To put away his boastful pride and learn of heav’nly things;
To learn that he is nought but dust, a flow’r that fades away,
Unless God is his only trust and Helper, day by day.

2. A proud man hides his weaknesses ’till suddenly he breaks;
A humble man admits his faults and learns from his mistakes.
A proud man glories in his work: his talents, strength, and might;
A humble man calls God his Source, and puts self out of sight.

3. At times God wills to show the hidden Power of the poor:
Proud Saul slew thousands on the field, but David ten times more;
The proud, wise men of Babylon can’t show the king his dream;
But humble Daniel prays to God and understands the scheme.

4. In this proud world, where proud men reign, the meek will be oppress’d;
Their sighs and cries go up to God for justice and for rest.
And when its cup of sin is full, this world will pass away;
Then humble men will rise to reign in everlasting day.


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