1. I’ve got a message straight from God above,
    That all my darling idols must fall;
It is rebuking, but still full of love,
    It calls me to decision: “Come down from the wall.”
Laodicea, wretched, blind, and poor;
    Lukewarm I’ll be no more.
Jesus will sell me raiment, gold, and salve;
    This nakedness He’ll cover: His richness I’ll have.

2. Fiercer the conflict, narrower the wall,
    The Spirit calls me now to decide;
Jesus is waiting for me to be hot,
    His work I can’t delay, so I have to obey.
Laodicea, Jesus at the door,
    Lukewarm I’ll be no more!
Full consecration, all my life to Thee,
    I’ll serve You ev’ry moment, be hot to be free.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Group – from Portugal

Duo – sung in Spanish

MP3 – Group (from Portugal)
MP3 – Duo (sung in Spanish)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

The text is based on Revelation 3:15-20, and the song was written for the camp theme of 1998, which was “The Message to Laodicea”. This camp is not yet available in printed format, but when it is, I will post it.

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