1. Love for God, love for men, love for the given task.
Love for God, love for men is the basis of the team.

2. How can a person say that he co-works with God,
Whom he has never looked on in his life before,
But cannot work with those who are next door,
Whom he can clearly day by day both touch and see.

3. We cannot go alone, we can’t trust our own selves,
We need to counsel, need to grapple in a team.
We cannot solve it all, nor hold control,
We need to pray, we need to work within a team.

4. Please exercise your mind, freely take your own stand,
But never think you know just all and ev’rything;
Plan clearly, and with thought, hard tasks prefer,
But ever make sure to remember you can err.

5. A leader and a servant, we are both.
Standing the ground and fitting in with a team.
Toil and hardship, and sacrifice we seek.
This is the way, portraying the Saviour’s life, His life.

6. The Lord is leading out, and the Master He is;
To team up means to watch Him and become like Him.
He’s coaching on the team, to do a task,
Unique the aim, the way, but beautiful like Him.

7. Service for God, service for men, service in the given task.
Service for God, service for men is the mission of the team.


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