1. In Heaven there’s submission unto the great I AM.
    The angels render service in His appointed plan.
Delight and honor fill them, as to and fro they go;
    Their highest exaltation is to be meek and low.

2. But on the Earth, God’s people do often struggle hard;
    To give up their ideas, and give in to the Lord.
‘Twas so with the Apostles, and with the early church;
    They learned to be corrected, and their own hearts to search.

3. The principle of Jesus is what we need to know;
    His throne, and right, and power: He gave up all to grow.
He learned from trees and flowers, from watching other men;
    These teachers seemed below Him, and yet God worked through them.

4. How then is it with us now, to those God sends to bless?
    If Jesus was submissive, can we be any less?
Like children, we need helpers, let’s take the help He sends;
    And grow in wisdom, perfect, just like our angel friends!


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