1. See how the flowers are arrayed according to the plan God made;
    To show His glory and His skill, and His deep mystery reveal.
‘Twas even so with man at first, when at creation he was dress’d
    With light for garments, like a star, to show God’s glorious character.

2. But when man fell, he lost this dress and felt his shameful nakedness.
    He then took leaves, and quickly made a dress which his own skill display’d.
This garment merely covered sin; instead God gave him a sheepskin.
    The cure for sin was thus made known: the sacrifice of God’s own Son.

3. And when God chose a Priest from men, to show the work of Christ in heav’n,
    His dress was very dignified which taught the work was sanctified.
But now each member of God’s church is sanctified for godly work:
    However small or low our task, let us with dignity be dress’d.

4. The prophets, who were often scorned, were with simplicity adorn’d;
    To show that all the words they brought were not from them, but were God’s thought.
So let us always be array’d to keep ourselves from being display’d;
    That when we speak, all men will hear the words of Jesus, strong and clear.

5. When Jesus came to make God known, He wore a one-piece robe, unsewn;
    To show that not one human stitch went into His pure righteousness.
If by this means truth was impress’d, should we not care in what we dress?
    By faith, we’ll take an equal care, and let God teach us what to wear.


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Congregation – from Australia

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