Behold Your God1. The deep-throated thunder shook the wet world thereunder
    While the lightning slashed through the dark sky;
Where black clouds were seething with forebodings unpleasing
    As the rain pounded down from on high.
The rumbling rivers sent through men the cold shivers
    As they pondered this awesome display.
They knew that impending were disasters heart-rending
    They could neither prevent nor delay.

2. The dam in the mountains, overfilled with wild fountains,
    Was not able the weight to withstand.
It broke madly roaring, its flood-waters outpouring
    In a wild rampage over the land.
The earth is depleted by such woes oft repeated,
    As each place in some way is destroyed
By ravaging forces, nature out of its courses
    In the hands of mad demons deployed.

3. But in dark delusion, men have reached the conclusion,
    That Jehovah’s the one who’s to blame.
In unbridled railings over men in their failings,
    He has lashed out to honor His name.
They draw their own pictures from Old Testament Scriptures
    In which God’s the destroyer supreme.
A proud Lord eternal with intentions infernal
    For the ones who grant Him no esteem.

4. Men see in the Saviour and His gentle behavior
    One so diff’rent from God high above.
God’s but the proud Caesar of whom Christ’s the Appeaser
    Ever filled with unchangeable love.
But Jesus came showing to a world all unknowing,
    That the Father is not what they think.
He’s not the destroyer, He’s the loving Restorer,
    He’s the Saviour from whom none need shrink.

5. Not God but the devil is the one who doth revel
    In disasters, destruction, and death.
Men daily are crying for their loved who are dying
    In the blast of his terrible breath.
Then let each rest knowing of the peace ever flowing,
    From the God who will never destroy.
His great love paternal gives us healing eternal,
    He’s the Fountain of rivers of joy.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Congregation – from Germany

Congregation (#2) – from Germany

Congregation (from Germany)
Congregation (#2) (from Germany)

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The text for this song was written by Fred Wright (1925-1997), in May of 1980. It briefly covers the theme of God’s character, which Fred first presented in 1973, and later on wrote down in the book Behold Your God (click on the book cover picture to the right of the song text in order to download this book).

The basic points in this message are:

  • God’s Law is a reflection of His character, nature, and righteousness.
  • God keeps His own Law.
  • The entrance of sin did not change God.
  • God’s actions, in the war against sin, are always and only those consistent with His Law.
  • Christ, as the perfect revealer of God’s character and ways, kept the divine Law.
  • Since the Law state “you shall not kill”, God never personally terminates the life of His creatures.
  • It is sin that kills; God gives life.
  • God’s part, in the acts of wrath and vengeance, is to withdraw from the sinner and leave him to the elements of nature out-of-control, the working of evil angels, and his own passions (and those of other sinners) out-of-control.

These principles are then used to explain many of the difficult statements and situations in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, so as to present God’s character in a new, and awe-inspiring light.


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