1. Lord Jesus Christ, stay by our side;
    This world is in it’s eventide.
Shine forth Your Word, that heav’nly Light,
    To scatter errors cloaked in night.

2. Lord Jesus help: Your Church uphold;
    Give raiment white, and faith like gold;
Pour from the well Your words of grace,
    And send us with them ev’ry place!

3. We’re not sufficient, so we pray,
    Angelic pow’rs to join the fray.
Your faultless plans can never fail;
    With peace, we walk thru death’s own vale.

4. Lord, when You do Your mighty works,
    We understand that danger lurks;
Our flesh puffs up, and glory takes;
    Oh keep us from these great mistakes.

5. The cause is Yours, the glory too;
    We’re sure to win, though we are few.
The Lord of hosts, His aid will send,
    And truth will triumph in the end.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

This hymn is loosely based on the German, “Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ” (Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide). The tune is taken from that song, and the verses follow a vague similarity in theme, but I have adapted them to speak the need of our present time.

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