1. He left His comfort zone, pure, loving, happy,
    For people blind with sin and filled with greed.
The courts of heaven swapped for dust and rabble,
    To bring in light and plant a holy seed.

2. He could have stayed, for One so spotless, holy,
    Did not have need to tread the streets of earth.
An almost infinite humiliation—
    To take our nature and a human birth.

3. He could have shunned the path and just been normal.
    A normal life and fam’ly; leave the pain.
He could have caused the world to be His subjects,
    Uplifting Him with honour, wealth and fame.

4. Look on in wonder, Heavens! Earth, be silent!
    And watch your Maker stoop to bear a cross.
And watch Him drink the bitter cup till empty,
    His spirit crushed beneath our grief and loss.

5. And dare I spurn His Love and spite His mercy,
    Declaring all He asks of me “too hard?”
He gave all He could give, and waits to help me.
    I take my cross and follow You, my Lord.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Group – from Germany

MP3 – Group (from Germany)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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