Entering into God's Sabbath Rest1. What is the cure that brings relief
    To human restlessness?
What is the way to true success?
    It is God’s Sabbath Rest.
The Sabbath speaks of problems solved,
    By God’s unerring plans;
The Rest speaks of our burdens born,
    When laid into His hands.

2. All birds flee from the storm, but one,
    Who guards her little nest;
Calm, fearless, and unmoved, she sits,
    She knows God’s Sabbath Rest.
She knows what we have yet to learn:
    The safest place to be,
Is where our Saviour places us,
    Tho’ storms lash furiously.

3. This truth is seen in Jesus Christ,
    And perfectly express’d;
Surrendered to his Father’s will,
    He lived God’s Sabbath Rest.
So free of self and human pride,
    He would not plan His way,
But took the plans His Father made,
    Unfolded, day by day.

4. A promised rest remains,
    God waits for us to enter in;
To put away our plan-filled lives,
    And come and learn of Him.
Then swiftly will God’s work be done!
    We’ll pass the final test!
What is the sign, the flag, the way?
    It is God’s Sabbath Rest!


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MP3 – Congregation (from Canada)

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This song was written for a theme of truth which we studied back in 1979, and which was later written down in the book, Entering into God’s Sabbath Rest.

The main thought in this theme was that the Sabbath is not just a day, but a principle. That principle is that God is the Plan-Maker, Problem-Solver, and Burden-Bearer, and that for too long, men have put themselves in God’s place and tried to do His work for Him.

The rest enjoyed on the Sabbath day is a result of following God’s plans throughout the week. Since the work is His, not ours, we can set it aside on His holy day, and not be troubled by business thoughts and business worries.

Jesus lived this truth in the clearest way. In the book, The Desire of Ages, in chapter 21 (Bethesda and the Sanhedrin), page 208, this principle is described very nicely:

So utterly was Christ emptied of self that He made no plans for Himself. He accepted God’s plans for Him, and day by day the Father unfolded His plans. So should we depend upon God, that our lives may be the simple outworking of His will.

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