1. God needs men who are effective in their work,
    Who follow closely after Christ; whose influence shows.
He is calling to a task, and not to a position,
    So they learn to be active and grow.

God needs men who wisely navigate His work,
    Who with enthusiasm pull souls out of the deep.
He needs those who give out trust, and have respect for others,
    In ev’ry time discerning the need.

God needs you and me
That His work can go forward again.
God needs you and me
(vs. 1 & 2) Even now, not just “sometime.”
(vs. 3) Not “sometime,” but even now!

2. God needs men who, like a magnet, can attract;
    Who in their social contacts seek the key to the heart.
Whose assistants are from God, encouraged and empowered;
    And all learn to be leaders to Christ.

God needs men who do exactly what they say;
    Who are still faithful in all things: the small and the great.
Who will not accept defeat, but rise above their trials
    With firmer trust, relying on God.

3. God needs men who move when He prepares the way,
    Who set priorities in all by His holy word;
Who are diligent in work, and training other leaders;
    Whose legacy sends good to the world.

God needs men who have self-sacrificing love,
    Who always give up their own rights, to save other souls.
He needs men who know the time to speak and to be silent,
    Whose love to God and man ever grows.


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