1. In times now past the words I used caused harm and gave no light,
    For self had only self to serve, my words had prideful might.
But then when self was broken up and Jesus claimed His own,
    He taught me better things to think and now my mind thus goes…

2. “Whate’er the plot the tempter lays I need not fall a prey,
    For Jesus gives His thoughts to me and faithful words to say.
So please Lord, give me vict’ry now, so that I can give voice
    To words of praise and joyful song and in Your name rejoice.”

3. For in God’s word the promise is that I can freely live
    Within the grace that He has wrought and then that grace to give:
By kind words and encouragement, and pointing those to Christ
    Who need His helpful, gracious hand, and through His Words find life.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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