This is the best, best way,
This is the very, very best, best way!

1. The way of God is very good;
    I never will worry, but be bold
To walk that way, seek nothing more,
    It leads me to heaven’s door.

2. And when it’s hard, I’ll still go on,
    While singing again this walking song;
My Saviour went this way before,
    It leads me to heaven’s door.

3. When I look back upon the way,
    I see how it leads to endless day;
With thanks to God, His way I bless:
    The way of true happiness!


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Satan’s accusation is that God’s way, especially as revealed in His law, is not the best way. This was the argument he successfully used against our first parents in Eden. Today, most do not think that it is the best way, and therefore, do not live their lives according to it.

Instead, they build their dreams in this world. They fill their time with pursuing pleasure or education, and decorating their houses; they spend their time enjoying the food, literature, art, and movies of the world. Their Bibles (if they even have one) are mostly untouched, and certainly not deeply studied.

It is because of this that when a sudden crisis comes upon the world–perhaps a war, a stock market crash, or a natural disaster–they are wholly unprepared, and do not know how to deal with it. It is in such times as these that the “way of God” shows it’s superior adaptability to man’s needs.

But His way is not only the best way for times of distress, it is always the best way. To those who will devote themselves to it, God’s way will bring happiness, joy, peace, and pleasure that is much higher than those things enjoyed by worldly pleasure seekers. It must be so, for only He who made man’s nature truly knows what is best for it.

The life of Jesus Christ was an example of what God can do through a simple man who submits himself completely to follow God’s ways in all things. He “magnified the law and made it honorable” (Isaiah 42:21) by shaping his desires and duties after the Father’s will. He declared, “I delight to do your Will, Oh my God, yes your Law is in my heart.” (Psalm 40:8). Although He was so utterly poor that at times He had no certain place to sleep at night, yet all the power of heaven was at His disposal—there was no limit to what the Father would give Him to do the work of revealing the goodness and rightness of God’s ways. If the dead needed to be raised, they were; if there was no way to get across the water, He walked over it.

What wouldn’t men give today to have this kind of power? But they don’t want the character and submission that it requires. They want the power, but not the character. Yet, before Christ returns to the earth, He will have a church who “keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” (Revelation 14:12) His character will be reproduced in His people: and they will walk as He walked—in perfect obedience and submission. They will be able to testify that God’s way is not only one of the best ways; it is not just the best way when other ways don’t work anymore; it is the best and only way to successfully live life.

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