1. “You shall have no other god before Me.”
    Worship only God the Lord with all your heart.
With His strong right hand He’ll guide you freely
    And will give you strength to do your lesser part.

2. Make no image of your God in heaven
    In the form of anything that you can see.
God surpasses our imagination
    To the works of man don’t ever bow your knee.

3. You shall not misuse God’s name, it’s holy,
    Never speak it in a joke, irrev’rently,
And don’t take the name of “Christian” lightly,
    But be sure you’re ready to serve earnestly.

4. Keep the Sabbath day, God made it holy,
    He gave six days to us all, our work to do.
But the seventh is the Lord’s, His only,
    To teach us to rest and find Him wholly true.

5. Honour Dad and Mom, your loving parents
    Love them always and obey their ev’ry word.
God gave them to teach you His commandments,
    But they only can when all their words are heard.

6. You shall never kill a friend or stranger,
    Not by looks or words or any hurtful blow.
Always love your friends and love your neighbor:
    When you love your enemy then peace you’ll know.

7. Always faithful be unto the partner
    God has chosen for you in His perfect plan.
Wait with patience till His time and hour,
    Think about your work and leave it in His hand.

8. Do not take things that belong to others
    Please respect what’s someone else’s property.
Be content with what you have, God honours
    Those who give by giving blessing gen’rously.

9. Do not tell a lie against your neighbor:
    Jesus was the truth, so we can also be,
When our every word fits to our actions
    And our teaching is lived with integrity.

10. Do not covet what God has not given
    He will give you all you need for where you are.
Only sadness comes when you are driven
    To possess all that you see both near and far.

11. Now to keep all of these Ten Commandments
    You will need the life of Christ deep in your heart;
And the Holy Spirit’s constant presence
    To make you a saint, for heaven set apart.


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