1. Daniel’s wisdom may I know,
    Stephen’s faith and spirit show;
John’s divine communion feel,
    Moses’ meekness, Joshua’s zeal;
Run like the unwearied Paul,
    Win the day and conquer all.

2. Mary’s love may I possess,
    Lydia’s tenderheartedness;
Peter’s ardent spirit feel,
    James’s faith by works reveal;
Like young Timothy, may I
    Ev’ry sinful passion fly.

3. Job’s submission may I show,
    David’s true devotion know;
Samuel’s call O may I hear,
    Lazarus’ happy portion share;
Let Isaiah’s hallow’d fire
    All my newborn soul inspire.

4. Mine be Jacob’s wrestling pray’r,
    Gideon’s steadfast, valiant care;
Joseph’s purity impart,
    Isaac’s meditating heart;
Abr’ham’s friendship let me prove,
    Faithful to the God I love.

5. Most of all, may I pursue
    That example Jesus drew;
By my life and conduct show,
    How He lived and walked below;
Day by day, thru grace restored,
    Imitate my blessed Lord.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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The text comes from an early American collection, “The Golden Harp”. The tune is a French-Canadian folksong.

It’s a charming roll-call of Bible heroes, pointing each one’s particular character quality for emulation.

The Bible is not primarily about doctrine, nor about prophecy, nor simply a demonstration of the authority and power of God to do what He wills. It is a book about character development, about restoring the image of God into broken humanity.

The doctrines, prophecies, and history recorded in the Bible simply provide a framework and opportunity for the demonstration of character, and development of it. Character is what the Bible is all about.

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