1. God’s people they were slaves, very far away from home,
In a land called Egypt, when the Moses child was born.

2. The king of Egypt land made a law upon the earth:
All the baby slave boys would be put to death at birth.

3. But Moses, he was hid by his mother for a while,
In a floating basket by the reeds of river Nile.

That one little baby would grow to be
The man God used to set His people free.

4. The daughter of the king went to wash at river side,
Found the floating basket, and she heard the baby cry.

5. She took the baby up, held him in her loving arms;
Took him to the palace far from danger and from harm.

6. And so we see how God watches over children small;
When they are in danger, then He hears their ev’ry call.

That one little baby would grow to be
The man God used to set His people free.


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Family – from Canada

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This song emphasizes not only Divine protection, but also the Divine purpose. Moses was not just protected by the Lord, but was protected for a purpose.

So it is with us. It is popular to recount all the blessings that God has given, but do we realize that these things are given for a definite purpose? We are not just to enjoy the blessings in a selfish way, but to use them as tools in the Lord’s work.

When king Hezekiah fell sick, he prayed to the Lord for recovery. It was granted to him. Then the Bible says:

But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem. – 2 Chronicles 32:25

Every blessing from God is a tool to be used by us to press forward His knowledge, mercy, and truth, in the world.

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