Whatsoever things are true,
Whatsoever things are honest,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report,
If there is any virtue, if there is any praise:
Think on these things, think on these things.

  – Philippians 4:8


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Congregation – from Australia

MP3 – Congregation (from Australia)

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This is a very pertinent verse for our time, in which we are surrounded with books, movies, food and dress which are not uplifting, but which minister to the base lusts and fallen appetites of the human flesh. At such a time God’s people are directed to feed their souls with those things which will build in them the principles of everlasting righteousness.

Such a dedication does not happen automatically. It will require a conscious effort, on the part of every soul who aims to be prepared for heaven, to turn away from the distractions of the world and concentrate on the true, honest, just, pure, and lovely things that the Lord gives in His word and through His messages.

There is a popular error among many Christians of our time which teaches that we can enjoy the things of the world as long as we draw some good lesson out of them. This is simply an attempt to put holy coverings around unholy things. But that is not the Lord’s way. He does not give His people a meal mixed with poison and expect them to dig out the few un-poisoned pieces.

Instead, He points us to something entirely different, something that comes through the channels of His appointment, and not through the corrupt channels of infidels and unbelievers: His word, His commands, His faith, His life. This is what made Jesus great, when He was on the earth. The servant is not greater than his Master.

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