1. I am marching ahead, on the evil I tread,
    As the troubles grow thicker all around me;
But in God’s holy light, all my pathway is bright,
    As I follow the steps of the Lamb.

2. I will firmly divide, ‘tween the wrong and the right,
    For I want to walk only with my Saviour;
I’m a child of His love, from the fam’ly above,
    Born anew by the life of the Lamb.

3. Tho’ disasters abound, and draw near all around,
    I am safe in the arms of Him who loves me;
How the worries depart and His peace fills my heart,
    I’m secure in the care of the Lamb.

4. Some who think they are wise, turn away unto lies,
    And they boast in the pow’r of evolution;
But they ne’er will attain, what they seek for to gain,
    ‘Till they kneel at the cross of the Lamb.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Congregation – from Ukraine (sung in Ukrainian)

Solo – from Ukraine (sung in Ukrainian)

MP3 – Congregation from Ukraine (sung in Ukrainian)
MP3 – Solo from Ukraine (sung in Ukrainian)

MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG

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