1. Come, let us reason together with the Lord, with the Lord.
Come, let us counsel together with the wise, with the wise.
    But let us not trust to reason alone,
    And let us not trust in self.
We’ll give up our ways, and trust in God instead,
    And in all His promises sure.

2. Wait, let us wait patiently upon the Lord, on the Lord.
Wait, watch and pray, pray together with the wise, with the wise.
    But let us not run ahead of the Lord,
    And let us not lag behind.
We’ll hear and obey the counsels of the Lord,
    As He speaks His word to our hearts.

3. Ask, let us ask for the leading of the Lord, of the Lord.
Seek, let us seek for the pathway of the wise, of the wise.
    For when we ask of the Lord, we receive,
    And when we seek, we shall find.
Let’s knock and the door will open unto us
    To come in and sup with our Lord.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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