1. Alone with God:
This is the place where new life will begin;
By faith to gain the life that gives the vict’ry over sin,
    When we’re alone with God.

2. Alone with God:
In private prayer and quietness we feel
That He draws near our waiting souls and does Himself reveal,
    When we’re alone with God.

3. Alone with God:
Earth’s laurels fade, ambition tempts not there;
The world and self are judged aright and no false colors wear,
    When we’re alone with God.

4. Alone with God:
True knowledge gained while sitting at His feet;
We learn life’s greatest lessons there which makes our joy so sweet,
    When we’re alone with God.

5. Alone with God:
This is the keynote of a holy life;
True rest can here alone be found and freedom from all strife,
    When we’re alone with God.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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All the important things in life are found in secret communion with God:

  1. A new spiritual life that gives victory over sin;
  2. Understanding about God’s character;
  3. A correct view of the world and temporal things;
  4. Knowledge about how to deal with the problems and challenges of life;
  5. Rest from taking His work into my hands.

Without these benefits, life will prove a failure in the end. The true aim in life is character, not career. Secret communion with God is the foundation of character, and is accessible to everyone, regardless of rank or status.

The text for this song was found in an old book called Sabbath Readings. The author was not listed.


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